Hyperpigmentation Treatment


Many people have hyperpigmentation, which is a widespread dermatological concern involving dark-colored patches that occur on the surface of the skin. These pigmented spots may pop up in any location on the face, neck, or body and can vary in shape and size. Skin discoloration can also be due to acne marks or sun spots from conditions, such as melasma, psoriasis, and eczema. Our team addresses hyperpigmentation conditions on a routine basis at Beauty Medica using the Harmony XL PRO laser from Alma. Providing skin rejuvenation, these laser hyperpigmentation sessions work to reduce the appearance of this aesthetic concern and help renew your complexion. We encourage you to contact our practice in Houston, TX for more information!


Candidates for hyperpigmentation treatment will have areas of discoloration or dark spots on their face or neck. For your short appointment, you will be invited to relax in a comfortable private treatment room. Anesthesia and sedation are typically not required for treatments using the Harmony XL PRO laser from Alma. Your technician will pass the handpiece over your face and neck, and the laser’s light energy will target melanin spots in the skin without harming the skin’s top layers. After your appointment, the spots of hyperpigmentation should fade. You may need 3 – 4 sessions spaced about a month apart to see full results.


What causes hyperpigmentation?

Often, a person’s body can naturally generate more skin pigmentation than is necessary. Several environmental and health factors can also heighten an individual’s chance of areas of pigmentation, such as specific medications, skin trauma or injury, or sun exposure.

How long does the treatment for hyperpigmentation take?

The length and quantity of Harmony XL PRO laser hyperpigmentation sessions at Beauty Medica will vary among patients and will depend on the extent of the case. In general, each session takes about a half-an-hour, and the majority of women and men can typically diminish their hyperpigmented areas over 3 – 4 sessions spaced out about four weeks apart. After your treatment consultation with Dr. Sorkin, our team will provide additional details about your cosmetic treatment plan.

What is the cost of laser hyperpigmentation treatment?

The overall cost of laser treatment for hyperpigmentation in Houston, TX, is calculated according to your unique needs, concerns, and the number of sessions required to achieve your goals. We can help you decide how many visits will likely be needed and discuss the simple financial methods accepted at our facility.


Bothersome dark patches or spots of hyperpigmentation can impact your self-confidence. If you’re looking to create a more even skin tone and reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, then treatment with the Alma Harmony XL PRO laser might be of great benefit to you. To learn more about this and other skin rejuvenating treatments to help you achieve your aesthetic goals, contact our team at Beauty Medica in Houston, TX.