Laser Cellulite Removal


Typically manifesting in the vicinity of the backside and behind the upper legs, cellulite produces lumpy and uneven skin. Even though cellulite is innocuous, this exceedingly typical aesthetic concern can produce shame and affect your self-esteem. We know how troublesome it can seem to seek to eradicate cellulite, and in several instances, it might even hinder people from wearing shorts or skirts. At Beauty Medica, we provide laser procedures to minimize the manifestation of cellulite. Harmony XL PRO nonsurgical cellulite reduction levels the skin surrounding the buttocks and thighs and allows for a tighter figure. When you experience cellulite issues, we invite you to get in touch with our team in Houston, TX, and find out more information about how laser technology can assist you.


At Beauty Medica in Houston, TX, our team performs laser cellulite removal with the advanced Harmony XL PRO laser. To begin your appointment, you will be invited to relax in one of our private treatment rooms. Treatments with the Harmony XL PRO laser are typically not performed with anesthesia. A technician will pass the laser handpiece behind the upper legs and on the backside where your cellulite occurs. It may take several treatment sessions to experience your full results, and our team will help create a customized treatment plan for you during your consultation. Over time, you should notice a smoother, more uniform appearance in your skin.


If cellulite is preventing you from wearing shorts, skirts, or your favorite swimsuit, call our team at Beauty Medica to learn more about this innovative treatment. Laser cellulite removal can help you feel more comfortable in your own skin and help you obtain renewed self-confidence. To learn more about laser cellulite removal or any other aesthetic treatment that we offer, contact our facility in Houston, TX, and ask about how we can craft a customized treatment plan to fit your goals.