Laser Scar Treatment


We all have problems with our skin and frame that we want to take care of. At Beauty Medica, our cosmetic staff performs effective Harmony XL PRO laser scar treatments. This effective service aims to shrink the look of a scar, as well as refresh your skin. Laser scar reduction can take care of one or several scars. As an added bonus, we can use it on various regions of the body. Regardless of what led to your scar, you probably want to decrease the persistent reminder of your trauma or injury. At your private consultation, our team will assess your scar tissue to determine if laser scar treatment is the best choice for your goalsWe welcome you to call our team in Houston, TX and arrange a consultation to discover if this procedure might be of benefit to you.


Scars are often a very visible reminder of a past injury or trauma. If you are self-conscious about your scar, laser treatment may diminish its appearance so it becomes less noticeable. Our team at Beauty Medica can accomplish the following:

  • Shrink the size of your scar
  • Soften the appearance of your scar
  • Fade the color of your scar
  • Smooth out the texture of your scar

Additionally, the Harmony XL PRO laser can be adjusted to safely and effectively treat different types and depths of scarring. Our unique treatment can also be used in various areas based on your needs.


Ideal candidates for laser scar treatment may have a visible scar that they would like to reduce the appearance of. Our team will assess your scar to see if laser scar treatment may be of help. To begin your treatment sessions, you will be invited to relax in one of our private rooms while a technician uses the Harmony XL PRO handpiece to target your scar. Anesthesia is typically not required for this procedure. It may take several sessions for you to see your full desired results. During your introductory consultation, we will discuss how many treatment sessions may be required to achieve your aesthetic goals. After your treatment regimen, you should see a significant improvement in the appearance of your scar.


How many laser-based scar sessions are recommended?
Each individual’s skin condition is unique. According to the condition of your skin and the size of your scar, you may need fewer or more treatments than others. However, most men and women will normally require 4 – 6 laser scar procedures to receive the optimum advantages of the procedure. While in your first consultation with Dr. Tatiana Sorkin at Beauty Medica in Houston, TX, she will identify which particular treatment plan is most efficient for your scar treatment goals.

At what point can you have laser scar treatment after an injury or surgery?
The reason for a scar affects the length of time it is recommended to wait to undergo laser-based scar sessions after the scar’s establishment. For instance, if the scar results from a surgical procedure, it is typically admissible to undertake a laser scar session merely a couple of months after the sutures are removed, which allows time for the wound to heal thoroughly. Acne scars, though, can be treated with laser-based treatments immediately after the source of the acne outbreak is taken care of.

Can laser scar treatment entirely get rid of scarring?
Regrettably, no treatment exists that will make a scar go away completely. Still, laser-based scar therapy is a useful procedure for significantly diminishing the appearance of a scar or skin blemish.

Is laser scar treatment painful?
Most clients don’t regard laser-based scar treatments as painful. The patient experience will be greatly determined by the magnitude and dimension of the treated skin area and the client’s own sensitivity to heat. People who have had the procedure usually experience the sensation of a rubber band impacting their skin, or a light “snapping”.


Scars can be an unsightly reminder of past trauma. Laser scar reduction is an excellent choice for patients who have a scar that they would like to help reduce the appearance without invasive surgery. If you’ve been hiding a scar that you’re embarrassed by, contact our team at Beauty Medica in Houston, TX to learn more about how we can craft a customized treatment plan for you that will have you feeling more confident in your own skin.