Lower Face, Jowl Thread Lift*


60 year old female client complained of sagging lower face. Minimally invasive treatments like laser were recommended as well as moderately invasive treatments like thread lifts. Client wanted immediate results and opted for a thread lift. Client was satisfied with natural looking results while still providing a lighter lift that will only get better with Aptos HA Threads.

Aptos Jawline/Cheek Threadlift

Right Profile View of APTOS Cheek/Jawline Thread Lift

Client wanted fast and noticeable results. We used APTOS HA Threads to smooth out and lift cheek bones and laugh lines. Patient scoured see final results in 2 months as HA thread is improved formulation, which ensures additional benefit for the skin. Skin elasticity and texture is visible right after thread implantation.

Front Facing Cheek Lift

Front facing view of APTOS Thread Cheek.Jawline Lift

Cheek Thread Lift


Our client wanted to get a facelift without the long social downtime so we recommended a PDO thread lift for the cheeks and smoothing threads around the mouth. Most noticeable results are seen around her laugh lines and jowl area.

Smoother arms with Smooth PDO Threads*

Patient wanted to have smoother underside of her upper arm. After consulting with Dr.Sorkin, Smooth PDO Threads were recommended for desired effect.