If you’re considering BOTOX, you may be curious about how it works, how it differs from other injectables, and how it may change the shape of your face in addition to reducing wrinkles. At Beauty Medica, Dr. Tatiana Sorkin helps patients in the Houston, TX area get younger-looking skin with a variety of injectables, including BOTOX. Below, we’ll look at what Beauty Medica patients might expect BOTOX to do for both wrinkles and facial slimming in certain areas.

How does BOTOX work?

Cosmetic surgeons use two types of injectables: neuromodulators that relax muscles and dermal fillers. BOTOX belongs to the first category.

During a BOTOX treatment, Dr. Sorkin injects a purified form of botulism toxin into specific facial muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles are the lines that appear on our faces when we make expressions, such as frowning or smiling. They’re also visible when we squint or raise our eyebrows. As a result, BOTOX can be a great solution for Crow’s feet, forehead creases, and frown lines.

BOTOX works by blocking nerve signals to the injected muscle. As a result, your face can no longer move in a way that makes those wrinkles visible. However, BOTOX does not address static wrinkles, which remain on the face no matter what expression we make and even when our faces are at rest.

Will BOTOX change the shape of my face?

The main job of BOTOX is to smooth out your face, not necessarily to change the shape. Bone structure determines the basic shape of your face, and BOTOX does not affect your bones, only your muscles.

However, some BOTOX users may notice that their faces look slimmer after getting BOTOX. While most injectors can give you a smooth, natural look with BOTOX, skilled doctors like Dr. Sorkin can assess whether BOTOX injections can help sharpen or slim some of your facial features. In that sense, BOTOX may be able to help change the shape of your face temporarily.

How can BOTOX slim my face or sharpen my features?

BOTOX cannot permanently alter the shape of your face. But limiting the movement of specific muscles may make your jaw or nose look slimmer. It can also make a small forehead look stronger and more prominent by smoothing out horizontal lines.

For those with strong jaws who want to see less volume in that area, it may be possible to slim it down by injecting BOTOX into the masseter muscle (or jaw muscle). When we clench our jaws, we strengthen the masseter muscle, which can eventually make our jaws look wider. BOTOX can help you stop clenching the masseter muscle. When the muscle relaxes, it may slim down and sharpen your jaw over time. The final results can take around two weeks to see but can last up to four months.

Depending on your unique facial structure, BOTOX may also be used to relax the muscles around the nose, making it look slimmer.

Get BOTOX in Houston, TX

If you’re interested in getting BOTOX to slim or sharpen some of your facial features, you’ll need an assessment to ensure that your muscles are what’s causing any extra volume.

The first step for patients interested in getting BOTOX to shape their faces is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Tatiana Sorkin at Beauty Medica in Houston, TX.

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