Acne can be emotionally devastating and impact self-confidence. Maybe you have tried a wide assortment of topical treatments to try to control the painful outbreaks without much success. If left untreated, the pustules can quickly lead to scarring. Luckily, laser acne treatment can help.

Dr. Tatiana Sorkin at Beauty Medica in Houston, TX uses the Harmony XL PRO laser to effectively treat acne. If you are tired of enduring unsightly whiteheads and infected bumps on your face, back, breasts, arms, or pectorals, then we encourage you to contact the team at Beauty Medica to make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Sorkin to discuss if you are a suitable candidate for laser acne treatment.

Are you a good candidate for laser acne treatments?

If you suffer from active acne breakouts and have tried numerous treatments with little success, then laser acne treatment using the Harmony XL PRO laser might be the ideal solution. The entire laser acne treatment process is conducted in a private room at Beauty Medica in Houston, TX. You’ll be awake during the process with no need for anesthesia.

When undergoing laser treatment, a laser is passed over the afflicted skin. It usually takes several treatment sessions to start noticing improvement, but eventually, your skin can become smoother and appear clearer. During your initial consultation with Dr. Sorkin in Houston, TX, you’ll discuss how many treatments you’ll need to achieve results. You’ll also need to undergo ongoing treatments as part of a maintenance plan to ensure that your skin continues to appear clear without a return of the acne.

How does acne laser treatment work?

The team at Beauty Medica will evaluate your skin to determine which Harmony XL PRO handpiece to use to treat your particular circumstances. Your skin will undergo a complete cleansing. The handpiece is then passed over the skin to create suction, while the non-ablative laser treats the area to kill the bacteria that lead to acne.

What to expect from acne laser treatments

The results of laser acne treatments do vary between patients. The laser can effectively halt active acne by killing the bacteria that cause inflammation in the skin. However, once you halt the acne laser treatments, the bacteria can start to take over and become prolific again, which leads to new outbreaks. In order to curtail the acne from re-emerging, you’ll probably need to undergo maintenance treatments as part of your skincare routine.

Book a consultation laser acne treatment in Houston, TX

Living with acne is about more than your self-confidence. If acne is left alone, then the condition will usually continue to worsen, which can lead to lead to severe scarring. However, if treated early with the Harmony XL PRO laser, patients can achieve the best possible results.

Book a consultation today with Dr. Tatiana Sorkin at Beauty Medica in Houston, TX to discuss your treatment options. Our team is here to answer all your questions and address your concerns before you start the laser acne treatment. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

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